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Personalised 1-on-1 Online Mandarin Classes

Lantern Lingo is an online Mandarin language school founded by the renowned Purple Bamboo Chinese School, one of China’s leading institutions.

Over the last 14 years, we have developed a highly-effective teaching methodology - “Experience Chinese”, which has been proven to accelerate learning between 200 - 300%. Our course content and approach have been adopted by leading institutions including Peking University, Tsinghua University, and the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU).

Our teachers are the best of the best, and are hand-selected and trained in-house with our “Experience Chinese” teaching methodology.

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Our Students Become China Experts

Trusted by learners from
Pascal G.
Ernest & Young
MIT Cambridge
Vanessa L.
UNSW Sydney
Igor J.
McKinsey & Co.
Tsinghua Uni.
Ambra Z.
Goldman Sachs
Uni. of Warwick
Victor Z.
UNSW Sydney
Natalya P.
Uni. of Queensland
Jessica N.
Goldman Sachs
Beijing Foreign Uni.
Yves T.
Credit Suisse
University of Zurich
Celine H.
Bank of China
AIA Hong Kong
Thomas G.
Cambridge Uni.
Ingo N.
RWTH Aachen
Suzie Q.
North China Tech

Accelerated Learning Methodology

Fourteen years of teaching and research into linguistics and memory science enabled us to develop the “Experience Chinese” methodology, which increases a Chinese learner’s speed by 200 - 300%.

1-to-1 HSK & Spoken
The HSK is the standard test of Chinese proficiency for non-native speakers. These lessons focus on the HSK syllabus (Level 1 - 6) and each class is customised to every learner.
Lessons start from AU$45, US$30, RMB140. Prices vary according to experience of teacher and number of classes purchased.
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1-to-1 Business
Our 1-to-1 business course builds China-ready business leaders. In a personalised 1-to-1 class, we will focus on business-related speaking, reading, writing and cultural understanding.
Lessons start from AU$55, US$40, RMB200. Prices vary according to experience of teacher and number of classes purchased.
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1-to-1 Spoken Course
Our 1-to-1 spoken course makes you a fluent Mandarin speaker. In our 1-to-1 classes, we nurture your speaking abilities by providing diverse speaking scenarios and stimuli.
Lessons start from AU$45, US$30, RMB140. Prices vary according to experience of teacher and number of classes purchased.
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Small Group Courses
These lessons are small group classes of 4 - 6 students with one teacher. The small group classes will cover HSK and Spoken Chinese, and lightly cover work and business Chinese.
Lessons start from AU$20, US$15, RMB65. Prices vary according to experience of teacher and number of classes purchased.
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The Best Teachers Globally

Our teachers are highly sought after by students all over the world. All staff are certified
Chinese language specialists with at least 4 years teaching experience.

Our resources are used by institutions globally
Joyce B.
Founder & Director
14 Years Experience
Laura L.
Head of Curriculum
9 Years Experience
Wanda W.
Head Academic
5 Years Experience
Lynn T.
4 Years Experience
Amy Z.
4 Years Experience

How Lantern Lingo Works

01. Join Your Free 1-to-1 Trial Class

We provide a free 30 minute trial lesson for you to experience our learning method, and for us to gauge your current abilities. During the trial class, we will ask you a number of questions and ask you respond in Mandarin (to the best of your ability). After Trial Lesson 1, our teacher will help you build an individualised learning plan and help answer any questions relating to tuition and fees.

02. Book a Trial Package (Get 50% Off)

If you want to explore learning Mandarin with us further, we currently provide a half-price trial package (either 1 lesson or 4 lessons). These lessons are designed for you to start learning Chinese, meet your regular teacher and experience lessons at Lantern Lingo. Although we make a loss on these classes, we want to help you get started with your Chinese learning.

03. Take Regular Weekly Classes

Each week, we will have at least one regular 1-to-1 class with your teacher. Our lessons don’t revolve around textbooks or powerpoint slides, but instead revolve around YOU. Each class is personalised to you and focuses on speaking, comprehension and reading / writing. Your teacher will summarise new words, grammar structures and concepts you learned during the lesson, and provide custom revision notes after every class.

04. Revision Classes & Progress Updates

Research into learning and memory science identifies “spaced repetition” and “active recall” as critical to learning Chinese. We schedule regular revision lessons every 5 - 6 weeks to ensure you never forget what you learn. We also provide a mini-test every 10 weeks to assess your current Chinese abilities. This lets us update your study plan and schedule, helping you learn more effectively.

05. Receive Your Personalised Book & Certificate

At the end of each course, we will combine all of your personalised notes created after each lesson, to create a personalised book you can use to revise your Chinese. We will provide you an e-book and can mail a hardcopy of the book to you. You will also receive a certificate for your CV and a personalised evaluation to inform your future Chinese teachers your current level of ability.

06. Pursue Your China Dreams

You join our 3000+ strong family and alumni network. Our students have gone on to lead companies, governments, universiites and social enterprises between China and the world. Our alumni are CEOs, consultants, lawyers, entrepreneurs, social change makers, academics, teachers, scholars and more. We support you beyond just Mandarin learning, and support your career ambitions and China-dreams.

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