1-on-1 Online HSK + Speaking Course

1-on-1 Online HSK + Speaking Course

The Hanyu Shuipin Kaoshi (HSK) is a standardised test of Chinese proficiency for non-native speakers. Speaking Mandarin fluently is often the most challenging aspect of learning Chinese for non-native speakers.

The HSK + Speaking lessons teach the HSK syllabus (Level 1 - 6) with an additional focus on speaking and effective communication. This course brings together the best aspects of the traditional HSK course with the added benefits of additional speaking practice, enabling learners to reach fluency much quicker.

We have a 100% HSK pass rate track record, and guarantee you will pass the HSK exam with every HSK course you take.

Suitable for:
Learners looking to learn general Chinese for daily life, become fluent speakers and pass the official HSK exams. Suitable for all ages and current learners include adults, college / school students and children.

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Course Content

We offer 4 main courses for the HSK + Speaking course. Each course can be 100% personalised to your current ability, learning goals and personal interests. 

Beginner Course (HSK 1 - HSK 3)
Caters to learners who have very limited experience with reading, writing and speaking in Mandarin. This course is designed as an introduction to Chinese and generally covers 8 basic topics and 13 survival topics, but can be adapted to every student’s individual needs. Upon completion of this course, you will be 100% able to pass at least HSK Level 3.

Total Lessons Required: 30 - 35

Elementary Course (HSK 3 - HSK 4)
Supports learners who already have basic familiarity with Chinese and understand some basic Grammar. This course will focus on discussions, dialogue, reading and comprehension across a selected variety of topics. Upon completion of this course, a student will 100% be able to pass HSK 4 and become conversationally capable in daily life.

Total Lessons Required: 25 - 30

Intermediate Course (HSK 4 - HSK 5)
Supports learners who are already comfortable communicating using basic phrases but struggle using vocabulary, grammar and structure fluently. This course will dive deeper into dialogue, discussion, comprehension, translation, relevant history and popular culture. Upon completion of this course, a student will be 100% able to pass HSK 5 and able to begin working, interning or doing business in China.

Total Lessons Required: Approx. 50

Advanced Course (HSK 5 - HSK 6+)
Supports learners who are already at an intermediate level and wish to become a fluent advanced speaker. This course will be highly personalised to each learner and their goals, and course content will be adapted to their individual requirements. In general, the course will focus on language, as well as culture, society, history and modern-day China. Upon completion of this course, a student will 100% be able to pass HSK level 6 and hold fluent discussions, read newspapers, and watch videos in Chinese.

Total Lessons Required: Approx. 80

Past Students

For over 14 years, Lantern Lingo has helped students and professionals just like you master the Chinese language.

Pascal G.
Ernest & Young
MIT Cambridge
Thomas G.
Cambridge Uni.
Vanessa L.
UNSW Sydney
Ambra Z.
Goldman Sachs
Uni. of Warwick
Victor Z.
UNSW Sydney
Natalya P.
Uni. of Queensland
Igor J.
McKinsey & Co.
Tsinghua Uni.
Jessica N.
Goldman Sachs
Beijing Foreign Uni.
Yves T.
Credit Suisse
University of Zurich
Celine H.
Bank of China
AIA Hong Kong
Ingo N.
RWTH Aachen
Suzie Q.
North China Tech
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"Experience Chinese" Accelerated Methodology

Fourteen years of teaching and research into linguistics and memory science enabled us to develop the “Experience Chinese” methodology, which increases a Chinese learner’s speed by 200 - 300%. Our methodology focuses on full-immersion learning, conversational fluency, cross-cultural communication, spaced repetition and active recall.

Full Immersion Learning

Research shows the fastest way to learn a language is through full immersion and teaching the language in a way it will eventually be used. We forgo textbooks and instead focus on real speaking and responding in Mandarin.

100% Personalised to You

Not every Chinese learner is learning for the same reason and at the same level of ability. Our 1-to-1 classes are 100% personalised to your individual abilities and learning goals.

Learning Science Based

Our learning approach, “Experience Chinese”, is based on decades of research into learning and memory science, and our own experiences teaching over 210 000 hours of lessons over 14 years.

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The Best Teachers Globally

Our teachers are highly sought after by students all over the world. All staff are certified
Chinese language specialists with at least 4 years teaching experience.

Our resources are used by institutions globally
Joyce B.
Founder & Director
14 Years Experience
Laura L.
Head of Curriculum
9 Years Experience
Wanda W.
Head of Teaching
5 Years Experience
Young L.
Senior Lecturer
5 Years Experience
Lynn T.
4 Years Experience
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