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Lantern Lingo is an online Mandarin language school founded by the renowned Purple Bamboo Chinese School, one of China’s leading institutions.

Over the last 14 years, we have developed a highly-effective teaching methodology - “Experience Chinese”, which has been proven to accelerate learning between 200 - 300%. Our course content and approach have been adopted by leading institutions including Peking University, Tsinghua University, and the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU).

Our teachers are the best of the best, and are hand-selected and trained in-house with our “Experience Chinese” teaching methodology.

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Our Approach

We have pioneered one of the world’s best approaches to learn Chinese
01. Highly Experienced Teachers

The very best Chinese teachers in the world. Our teachers have dedicated their entire careers to teaching Chinese and have years of experience. It’s not easy to be a teacher at Lantern Lingo (and Purple Bamboo), we select our teachers based on ability, passion, dedication and love for education. We then put our teachers through a rigorous training program and regularly evaluate their performance.

02. 100% Personalised to You

Not every Chinese learner is learning for the same reason and at the same level of ability. Our 1-to-1 classes are 100% personalised to your individual abilities and learning goals. We don’t use textbooks or powerpoint slides, but instead adapt every lesson to be relevant to you. This highly personalised approach is proven to increase your learning speed by 200 - 300%.

03. Full Immersion, No Textbooks and Slides

Research shows the fastest way to learn a language is through full immersion and teaching the language in a way it will eventually be used. Yet, most Chinese schools teach Chinese with textbooks and slides, an approach far-removed from the environment. Instead, we create a Chinese-only environment where students focus their efforts on speaking and responding to Mandarin - full immersion.

04. Custom Learning Plan for Every Student

Learning anything fast requires effective planning and strategising. We’ve been able to achieve a 100% HSK pass-rate and a 200 - 300% faster learning pace, by building a personalised learning plan for every student. Our learning plans aren’t static, we assess our students every 10 weeks against the learning plan goals and amend the plan to take into account a student’s progress.

05. Scheduled Revision Classes

Research into learning and memory science identifies “spaced repetition” and “active recall” as critical to learning Chinese. We schedule regular revision lessons every 5 - 6 weeks to ensure you never forget what you learn. These revision lessons are highly effectively and critical to learning a memory-heavy language like Mandarin.

06. Learning & Memory Science Based

Our learning approach, “Experience Chinese”, is based on decades of research into learning and memory science, and our own experiences teaching over 210 000 hours of lessons over 14 years. This is one of the world’s most-effective approaches to Mandarin learning, and has been used by leading institutions including Peking University, Tsinghua University and Renmin University.

07. 24/7 Q&A and Support

Once you’ve joined Lantern Lingo, you join our family and 3000+ strong alumni network. Our students have gone on to lead companies, governments, universities and social enterprises between China and the world. You’ll be supported beyond your classes with us and have access to our alumni. We support you beyond just Mandarin learning, and support your career ambitions and China-dreams.

Our Alumni

Our 3000+ alumni are leading businesses, government, and social impact between China and the world.

Celine H.
Bank of China
AIA Hong Kong
Yves T.
Credit Suisse
University of Zurich
Jessica N.
Goldman Sachs
Beijing Foreign Uni.
Thomas G.
Cambridge Uni.
Suzie Q.
North China Tech
Igor J.
McKinsey & Co.
Tsinghua Uni.
Pascal G.
Ernest & Young
MIT Cambridge
Ingo N.
RWTH Aachen
Victor Z.
UNSW Sydney
Natalya P.
Uni. of Queensland
Ambra Z.
Goldman Sachs
Uni. of Warwick
Vanessa L.
UNSW Sydney
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